Don’t worry about your job search – we’ll worry about it for you.

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    Receive your completed resume - both PDF and word file

Simply put, when you sign up for Career Concierge we do everything possible for you in your job search. We don’t stop until you get a job.

Since every job search is different, it is helpful to know as much as possible about the hiring landscape, and your industry in particular, in order to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your job search.

You will see more interviews, more often.

We will provide you:

  • RESUME: We tailor each resume to 5 different job leads each week.
  • JOB LEADS:  We provide a total of 10 job leads for you each week.
  • APPLICATIONS: We put everything in place for up to 5 applications per week, for you to submit
  • LINKEDIN:  We optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • NETWORKING:  We use your LinkedIn social capital to network and get you the interview
  • PRIVATE 1:1:  We speak with you twice a week to check in and provide statuses
  • ALL DAY, EVERY DAY: When you hire us, getting you a job is what is on my mind all day long

We’ve established that the job search is a part time job. If you are strapped for time or simply want to hand the job search off to us, we can ease your mind knowing that you are doing everything possible in order to find the perfect job that you’ll have for years to come.

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Strategized copy to beat the system

A tailored resume crafted word-by-word

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*

A 20 minute phone or video fact-finding introduction
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